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What and Why IoT ?

Internet of Things or IoT is a network of connected physical objects that are accessible through the internet. IoT helps businesses make more informed decisions by leveraging the transactional data available at their disposal. It helps organizations to reduce costs through improved productivity and increased process efficiency. IoT offers real-time data and analytics which helps businesses to make smarter decisions. By merging the physical and online worlds, IoT opens up a host of new opportunities for businesses.

What Sigillieum Offers ?

To help you achieve your connected business objectives, Sigillieum offers the following IoT services

IoT Consulting

Sigillieum will help you uncover the potential of IoT and provides you with a tailored solution that enables you to meet your business objectives effectively. Our expert team will assist you in selecting the right technology stack and help you to decide on the right security and IoT architecture design.

IoT Implementation

We design and develop IoT solutions customized as per your business objectives and helps to bring value to your business purposes rapidly. We will help you unlock new efficiencies with an IoT enabled ecosystem.

IoT Analytics

We will help your business grow by providing you with actionable insights from the IoT data and are adept at offering IoT analytics as a service.


Helps to protect against physical threats thereby improving security and safety
Opens up a host of new business opportunities
Helps to bring down maintenance costs thereby aiding in cost reduction
Improves asset tracking thereby leading to improved asset utilization
Increases process efficiency and reduces time to market
Helps to increase productivity across the organization leading to increased revenue

Interesting Facts About IoT

By 2025, there would be more than 64 billion connected devices worldwide

In terms of economic value, IoT can generate $4 Trillion to $11 Trillion by 2025

Cost savings is the main revenue driver for about 54% of IoT projects at the enterprise level

The market size of IoT in the banking and finance industry is expected to reach $2.03 Billion by 2023


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