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The Client

Headquartered in Hyderabad and having presence in Singapore and the Philippines, the client is a seed technology and breeding company. They specialize in offering customized and high-quality seed solutions along with technical services to farmers. The client focus lies in harnessing technology and innovation to provide high-quality seed solutions to farmers and create value to all the stakeholders in a sustainable manner.

The Client Requirement

The client was looking for ways to train their employees on using the moisture meter efficiently and with precision. It was a challenging, strenuous and time-consuming task for the client to train the employees and supervise their work which also requires extra cost and additional resources. Also, going through the printed manuals was impacting the productivity and performance of the employees.

How did Sigillieum Help?

Sigillieum developed a standalone augmented reality-based mobile application that helps the client to train its employees on using the moisture meter and test the moisture content of different grains easily and accurately. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and provides instructions in 3D to the users in an interactive way.

On scanning the image of the moisture meter, step by step instructions of using the device will be displayed to the employees. Error codes will be displayed when an abnormal event occurs or when the user performs a mistake while using the device.


The augmented reality app developed by Sigillieum helps the client to train their employees more effectively through quick and visual demonstrations. The trainees get a deeper understanding and quicker grasp of using the device which increased their productivity and quality of work. Apart from helping the technicians to learn easily through virtual demonstrations, it also helps to reduce the need to read printed manuals and reliance on seniors or staff heads.


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