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The Client

The client is an Indian cuisine restaurant in the US offering a range of Indian delicacies and also offer online ordering, pickup and delivery services to selected locations.

The Client Requirement

The client was facing a wide array of challenges related to managing food ordering, delivering and customer support. Handling these perennial difficulties involved in a human intervention which means the client had to invest heavily in hiring staff and in the management of their schedules.

How Sigillieum Helped the Client?

Sigillieum helped the US-based client by developing a voice-activated ordering solution for restaurants. This new platform allows the restaurant’s customers to place a mobile order through an Artificial Intelligence based Automated Attendant which is then picked up by an application in a dedicated PBX (Private Branch Exchange) line in the restaurant.

The automated attendant will help the customers to order food online. The voice bot is trained and programmed to understand what a customer wants and completes the order in a very short time and a completely automated manner. The AI-based virtual assistant carries out natural-sounding conversations and will accomplish tasks over the phone on behalf of the restaurant.

If the voice bot takes time to respond to the customers or reaches a threshold time limit, the call will be directed to the restaurant manager thus allowing for better customer support. The virtual ordering assistant also identifies the accent of the customer and uses the same accent to respond.

Sigillieum developed the solution using an open-source framework to power the PBX line. This made it easier to build a custom phone system that fits the needs of the client business and also helps to communicate with the customers in real-time. Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables the voice bot to convert Speech to Text and Text to Speech whereas Natural Language Understanding (NLU) helps to match the user request with the key entities and intents fed into the system.


Sigillieum’s virtual ordering assistant helped the restaurant business to digitally communicate with their clients, thus enabling a higher ROI to the stakeholders. The use of automated attendants helped to boost engagement and interaction with the customers. It helps to take the customer service to the next level and at the same time reduces customer support costs.


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